Getting Started

Fantastic, and welcome!

ensime-server is a process that indexes your dependencies and understands your source code using the same scalac and javac that you use to build your project.

ENSIME is not an IDE, it is just one tool in a toolbox. You must also have:

  1. a build tool to compile your project
  2. a .ensime file describing your project layout. To generate this file, see our list of build tool plugins.
  3. a text editor. See our list of editor plugins.

The build tool plugin downloads the ensime-server and your text editor launches it. There’s no separate “Download” page. Read the server documentation to further customise your experience.

Getting Help

If things don’t work as you expected, please read the Getting Help guide before asking for help.


You are invited to read the ensime-server Contributing Guide and improve ENSIME. You’ll get lots of help from existing contributors. Please take a moment to read The Open Source Entitlement Complex to understand why we empower, but our contributors do not provide customer support.


Whether or not you can help with direct contributions, please consider sponsoring a developer.