The Next Generation

The ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for Emacs is a tooling project that started in 2010 and brought together hundreds of Free Software contributors from diverse backgrounds. At its peak, 10% of Scala developers were using ENSIME as their IDE for Scala.

ENSIME pioneered community-oriented development in the Scala community and was the first to introduce a truly inclusive code of conduct.

In 2018, the Scala Center chose to fund a fresh alternative. ENSIME lost its relevance and the community disbanded.

In 2022, ENSIME was relaunched as an invite-only project for hobbyists who write tooling to make their lives a little bit more joyful.

Public snapshot releases appear here at the discretion of the authors. You may request an invitation on the Scala Contributors forum (or via a direct message to the author) if there is something you would like to contribute to the pre-release branch.

Current Release

Old Releases