As of version 2.0.0, the ensime-server process can be customised, both at a user and a project level via .ensime-server.conf HOCON files in your project’s directory or your home directory. Project configuration takes priority over user settings, which take priority over the defaults.

For example, to customise organise imports to have specific orderings and wildcard rules, use

ensime {
  imports {
    locals = true
    groups = ["java", "scala", "scalaz,simulacrum,stalactite", "*", "org.ensime"]
    wildcards = ["scalaz", "scalaz.Scalaz"]
    collapseExclude = ["scala"]
    maxIndividualImports = 4

and if you have lots of heap to burn, try increasing the batch size of the indexer

ensime {
  index {
    batchSize = 100


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