Thank you for using ENSIME on Atom!

Most tickets can be resolved easily by following a simple process.

  1. If Atom was working, and you’re having a problem after updating, please remove your project .ensime_cache folder and restart Atom and ENSIME.
  2. fully compile your project
  3. nuke old versions of the ENSIME server, cached classpaths and possibly SNAPSHOT deps
    • rm -rf ~/.ivy2/cache/org.ensime
    • rm -rf ~/.ivy2/local/
    • rm -rf ~/.coursier/cache/v1/https/
    • rm -rf ~/.atom/packages/Ensime/classpath*
    • rm -rf ~/.atom/packages/Ensime/*assembly.jar
  4. use the latest release of ensime for Atom. apm install ensime
  5. check the tickets flagged as FAQ for Atom.
  6. check the tickets flagged as FAQ on the server.
  7. search for duplicates, especially the most recently updated tickets

If that solved your problem, great!

If not, please join the conversation on the room ensime-atom.

If you think you’ve found a bug you can file it at (you’d don’t need to ask on the channel, just go right ahead and create a ticket). Please attach any logs if applicable (Open Chrome dev tools inside Atom “View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools”)