Supported Text Editors

ENSIME supports several editors. Your choice of editor is a very personal thing and you should probably go with the one that feels right for you… even if deep down you know that it’s not as good as Emacs.

If you really want to use a particular editor but some feature is missing, take it from us that you will find it incredibly rewarding to get it working! Head over to ensime-server Contributing Guide to find out more.

Feature Matrix

The following chart describes how well ENSIME supports each editor:

Learn more → Emacs Atom Vim VSC Sublime
Homepage Emacs Atom Vim VSC Sublime
Main language Emacs Lisp Coffeescript Python Typescript Python
Upstream Licence GPL MIT Charityware GPL/Apache2 Proprietary
Type at point
Contextual completion
Live errors / warnings
Semantic highlighting        
Implicit conversions      
Import class at point  
Classpath search  
Jump to source
Show documentation  
Rename symbol    
Organise imports  
sbt integration      
Find usages (opt in)      
Show implementations