This maven plugin generates a .ensime file and provides various convenience commands for interacting with ENSIME. The source code can be found at in it’s own project: ensime-maven.

If you wish to use the Developer Version of ENSIME, you may need to run an unreleased version of the plugin. See Contributing for details.

ENSIME Maven Plugin

This maven plugin generates a .ensime file for use with an ENSIME server.


Configure your ~/.m2/settings.xml file so that maven is aware of the plugin group org.ensime.maven.plugins:


Or you can add the following to your pom file:



Note usually you don’t need to add DistributionManagement part.

The default ensime server version is 2.0.0-M4, but you can customize it like:


To detect the right Scala version, ensime-maven performs the following analysis:

Generate .ensime file

To actually generate the .ensime file from your pom, run:

mvn ensime:generate

Format the Scala sources

Format .scala files using Scalariform settings (compatible with, but does not require, maven-scalariform plugin).

mvn ensime:scalariform

You can customize it by passing the salariform settings to this plugin’s configuration:


For the list of options and the default settings, please refer to the maven-scalariorm plugin.


The source code is available at To use a locally built version of the plugin, first build and install it:

mvn -Dgpg.skip install

Then run it with:

mvn org.ensime.maven.plugins:ensime-maven:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT:generate

(substituting the latest version number if necessary)