** Note: this plugin is currently experimental and works only with ENSIME-server version 2.x **

This CBT plugin provides the ability to generate a .ensime file from a cbt build configuration.


Mix the cbt.Ensime trait into your build configuration.

import cbt._

class Build(val context: Context)
  extends BaseBuild
  with Ensime


Once the plugin installed, an ENSIME configuration file can be generated by running:

cbt ensime

This configuration will contain the current cbt BaseBuild and all of its dependent BaseBuilds as projects.


The ENSIME configuration generated by CBT is fully customizable. Check out the plugin’s ensimeConfig method for an overview of the various settings. These settings may be modified in the usual CBT way, i.e. by overriding the main method and copying settings. For example, to change the version of Scala used by ENSIME, add the following snippet to the CBT build configuration:

override def ensimeConfig = super.ensimeConfig.copy(scalaVersion = "<version>")